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All Platforms:
New Storage Library allows easy nonvolatile storage of user data, as well as access to saved program code and the ability to write more code than will fit in RAM
Added ES6 Class Support
this is now inherited correctly for Arrow Functions
Add Graphics.scroll command now scrolls graphics contents
Large ArrayBuffer Graphics Speed improvements
Add UDP support for WIZnet Ethernet modules
Added optional WIZnet W5100 compile target (default is W5500)
More robustness improvements based on weeks of Fuzzing
E.toString now works with no copy or allocation for Uint8Array/FlatStrings
Improved Exception/Ctrl-C handling
Fix mild memory leak that caused GC to run more often than required
Improve SD card reliability on all boards by trying multiple times before failing
Allow JS modules to be built-in by adding files to JSMODULESOURCES
process.env now simplified, and returns a list of the libraries provided in the firmware
Add 'data' option to setWatch to allow clocked data to be decoded easily

Puck.js/BLE devices:
Moved to SDK 12.3 - solves Windows connection issues
PWM output via Waveform class is now possible
Fix crash if I2C is used before being initialised
All Bluetooth/NFC events use a task queue, avoiding occasional 'MEMORY_BUSY' errors
Increase flash available for stored code from 12kB for 40kB
Online compiler now available

Espruino WiFi:
Added built-in WiFi library, as well as AT
Added UDP support
WIZnet Ethernet module support is now built in
Added more features to WiFi library (setAPIP/etc)
Added Flow Control for more reliable WiFi comms
Added turbo mode for faster Wifi communications

All boards:
ESP8266/ESP32 fixes and tweaks
Seeed WIO_LTE SD card now works correctly
Added STM32L496GDISCOVERY to the release builds



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